The cons of youth sports essay

Ask the children to give an example of how that particular individual could have better handled the situation. Phys Ed or Self-esteem? Journal for a Just and Caring Education, vol. As parents and coaches, we need to relieve the pressure on our children of being the next, greatest athlete, and let them be kids who participate in what makes them happy.

In regards to addressing the physical dangers of sports, parents can avoid many of the dietary and exercise issues by enforcing specific rules during the sports season. For example, small-sided games in soccer may be more appropriate than full-sided games for young players.

I want guys that are so special athletically, and so competitive, that they can compete in more than one sport. The most significant problems occur not because of the structure of the games, the programs developed or the basic ideals behind youth sports programs.

Time Commitment Participation in sports requires a significant time commitment from children. Wrestlers are often forced to either gain or lose weight in order to compete in their desired weight class, which leads to restrictive dieting often involving severe caloric deprivation.

Even [at USC], I want to be the biggest proponent for two-sport athletes on the college level. Parents consumed with winning. We are now seeing more and more athletes specializing in one sport at young ages. Find a balance of these activities and avoid placing kids in too many sports and overcommitting their time.

These may occur as a result of practice or a competitive event. Talk to children about appropriate behavior during practice and games and how to manage anger in an acceptable way such as taking a few deep breaths to relax.

Pros and Cons of Youth Sports Participation

Time Commitment Participation in sports requires a significant time commitment from children. Get blog notifications delivered right to your inbox! The increased national interest in sports over the past two decades has promoted the increased endorsement of these programs, as well as developed interest on the part of families to encourage partaking by their children.

The Disadvantages of Children in Sports

Participation in sports may then lead to a higher level of day-to-day stress that impacts other aspects of their lives such as sleep or school. While the overall recommendation is not to avoid participation, awareness can help prevent any undesirable outcomes. It is difficult to develop a concrete perspective about the impacts of youth sports programs without considering these influences.

These rules include basic precepts like: US News and World Report, vol. With guidelines like these as the basics for youth sports, it is not wonder that parents and players have learned that the game is more significant than the process or lessons learned there.

The Disadvantages of Children in Sports

Leo, JohnMay. What is sports specialization?Which poses a question, does it pay to specialize in youth sports? Which poses a question, does it pay to specialize in youth sports?

The Cons OF Youth Sports Essay Sample

Family Health Manager Youth Sports: Examining the pros and cons of sport specialization. Posted by Jessica Hess, MA, ATC.

The Cons OF Youth Sports Essay Sample

According to the Center for Kids First in Sports, 30 to 40 million children in the United States compete in organized sporting activities.

The benefits of participation include increased physical and mental health, healthy competition among peers and the sense of belonging gained by being part of a team. Cons of youth sports essaysInthe American Academy of Pediatrics adopted a position stand against competitive sports for children below the age of No one listened.

If anything, systematic youth sports training in both individual and team sports begin at age 6, in many communities. Pros & Cons of Children in Sports. by AMY KAMINSKY June 13, It is important to review the pros and cons of sports for kids before deciding if signing your child up is the right choice.

How Do Youth Sports Help Kids in Academics? The Impact of Sports on Middle School nenkinmamoru.comd: Jun 17, Pros and Cons of Youth Sports Participation. By Sports Medicine, February 1, A well-structured and organized youth sports program can provide many benefits and positive experiences for young athletes.

When done correctly and with the athlete’s well-being in mind, organized sports can play an important role in a young person’s life.

Youth sports programs have become the focal point of many family-oriented communities nationwide. Little League, sponsored sports programs and T-ball, are just three programs among thousands available for families and their children/5(3).

The cons of youth sports essay
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